1671 – Acadian census

The first mention of Pierre Comeau and his family is within the document “Rôles des familles de l’Acadie”, done by Sr Randin and sent to Mgr. Colbert de Québec on November 8th, 1671. Here are the excerpts of the document:

Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History

Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History


It states:
Cooper Pierre COMMEAUX, 75 years old, his wife, Rose Bayou, 40 years old, their children 9, 1 is married Estienne Commeau, 21 years old, not married, Pierre Commeau, 18 years old, Françoise, 15 years old, Jehan, 14 years old, Pierre, 13 years old, Anthoine, 10 years old, Jeanne, 9 years old, Marie, 7 years old, Jehan, 6 years old, 16 cattle, 22 sheeps, 6 ‘acres’ of land.

Ploughman Estienne COMMEAUX, 21 years old, his wife Marie LEFEVBRE, 21 years old, 1 child named Catherine, 3 weeks old, 7 cattle, 7 sheeps, no land. cattle 7, sheep 7.

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