Germain Doucet and DNA

Just read up on a DNA study of Germain Doucet (born ABT 1641) where his descendants participated in a Y-DNA and discovered that their haplogoup was in fact C3b, proving that their common ancestor, known to be Germain Doucet was a native american.

The first known Doucet is Germain Doucet, sieur de Laverdure, from France, arrived in Acadia in 1632 and was a key figure in early Acadia establishment.  He had children who are ancestors of a lot of acadian descendants:

Pierre (born ABT 1621) who married Henriette Pelletret

  • Daughter Marguerite (born ABT 1680) married Alexandre Comeau (s/o Étienne and Marie-Anne Lefebvre)

Marguerite (born ABT 1625) who married Abraham Dugas
Germain (born ABT 1641) who married Marie Landry

  • Son Claude (born ABT 1674) married Marie Comeau (d/o Étienne and Marie-Anne Lefebvre)

The link between Germain and Marguerite is established through the marriage of Germain’s descendants Pierre Doucet and Marguerite’s descendant Anne-Marie Dugas where an exemption was given by the priest.

So Doucet descendants who through genealogy established that their ancestors was Germain Doucet and Marie Landry, found out through DNA, that Germain would have been native american.  Other Doucet who tested and are linked to Pierre, Germain’s brother, have the expected DNA result, haplogroup R1b, which is known to be from Europe.

Here is a sample of the results here:

Although some key figures in acadian genealogy do not take these results seriously, the DNA doesn’t lie so it brings up questions about the common Doucet ancestor of the descendants tested who had the native american haplogroup.

Some possiblities to explain Germain Doucet native heritage could be:

– Germain Doucet (Pierre’s father and alleged father of Germain) adopted a native and gave him his name.

– Germain’s wife got a visit from the milkman..

– A native who was baptized took the name Germain Doucet, out of honor for Germain which was a prominent figure in early Acadia.

A note in S. A White’s book states that Pierre Doucet, great grandson of Charles Doucet and Huguette Guérin (son of Germain Doucet) declared at Belle-île-en-Mer, that his ancestor Germain was from Canada.  Did he mean that his ancestor was a native?

And there is a marriage in the parish records of Port-Royal, where François Doucet (son of Germain Doucet a native) married Marie Pisnet (daughter of Pierre Pisnet a native) in 1726.  Could that be the real family of the Doucet who are native descendants?

It will be interesting to follow up on that story. For more information:

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