Historical acadian list found

Researchers of the University of Moncton recently discovered a misplaced historical list.  The document contains 289 names of acadians who were living in PEI, Canada in 1763.  It was found among the personal papers of a French diplomat, the governor of Santo Domingo, from the 18th century and was given to the university by an American.

The nature of the list is still debated as it could be a list of prisoners held by the British at Fort Amherst or it could be a petition to the French King for relocation in French colonies.  The value of the document lies in the fact that we get a list of acadian ancestors during the deportation era with the names of the wives and the number of children, unlike other known historical documents.  The list contains surnames as Arsenault, Poirier, Richard, Doucet, Boudreau, etc.


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